Health Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea Over Bagged Tea

Loose leaf tea provides the body full of chemical compounds found in the leaves termed catechins. Increasing exposure to catechins improves overall health benefits from a cup of tea, where the young leaves and whole buds are far superior to split leaf pieces, called dust and fannings — found in countless bagged varieties.

Why is loose leaf tea better than tea bags?

  • Catechins tend to degrade over time.
  • Teabagged tea tends to be stored for a more extended period of time than loose leaf, resulting in fewer catechins.
  • Concentrations of catechins are higher in whole leaf form than in fannings and dust variations – surface area, fewer amounts lead to faster nutrient loss
  • Tea bags absorb some catechins rather than providing more nutrients to the tea drinker, thus losing nutrients.

Additionally, bagged tea quality is less prominent than full leaf tea.  Once broken tea leaves are steeped, they release more substantial amounts of tannins than whole leaf tea, producing a bitter, astringent taste, since they have lost most of their aroma and essential oils.


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