Dunkin’ Donuts Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Coffee, Blurring the Lines of True Coffee

Dunkin’ Donuts unveiled their new signature line of Girl Scout Cookie flavored coffees, which had media in an uproar as of late, and rightly so, the coffee community is losing the focus on naturally crafted coffee beans for chemically enhanced flavored ‘coffee’.

Three new flavors were rolled out on Monday, February 26 to all participating Dunkin’ locations, nationwide. These flavors included a Thin Mints®, Coconut Caramel, and Peanut Butter Cookie; all flavors will remain until May 2018.

These flavors may bring in an initial coffee-craze, but once the chemicals settle, coffee-goers will realize that their true cup of coffee will stem from adequately sourced beans from far-reaching places throughout the world.

At Raw Brews, we believe naturally sourced products and flavors will remain in the public’s eye of coffee standards. As the role of organic, and non-enhanced products remain atop the leaderboard, good quality coffee will stay in the hands of the smaller businesses.

As stated in our story, our mission is “to indulge our customers with fresh, flavorful coffee and tea with convenience and ease, one brew at a time!” and we aim to keep this promise.






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